Simplify your life by going paperless and receiving your mortgage statement electronically. Not only is it easy, it’s free. Join hundreds of members who have already chosen to skip the mailbox and enjoy these exclusive e-statement benefits:

  • Ease of Access. Access your statements virtually anytime from anyplace - 24/7.
  • Convenience. We’ll let you know when your updated monthly statement is ready to be viewed online via email notification.
  • Security. Not only is your account information private and password-protected, you’ll reduce your vulnerability to identity theft.
  • Eco-Friendly. By going green, you’ll reduce paper waste and protect the environment by saving trees and energy.

Enroll to receive e-statements today in a few, simple steps!

  1. Log into your Mortgage Center online account.
  2. Click the Statements & Documents tab.
  3. Click Manage Paperless Statements and update your settings.
  4. Congratulations! You’ve made the switch!

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