Budgeting For a Home: Everything You Need to Succeed


So you’re finally ready to purchase a home? That’s exciting news! You probably have your wish list – what style of home you like, what locations you prefer, etc. You may have a budget established as well. But does your budget include all the details it should?

There are obvious factors you probably planned for like expected mortgage payment, utility costs, and taxes. But did you remember to include how much you spend on clothing in a month? Or how often you go to the movies?

Purchasing a home is no small feat. That’s why you should make sure to consider many factors, even small ones, when putting your budget together.

Thankfully, we have created an easy-to-use, interactive budget worksheet just for you! We made sure to include everything from insurance costs, to how much you spend on groceries in a month. Our Monthly Budget Worksheet gives you a clear idea of how much home you can afford – so you can purchase with confidence.

Check it out for free below!


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