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Updating your home is a great way to refresh the space you already spend so much time in. Our Home Renovation Loan makes it easy by allowing you to combine these improvements with your mortgage so you don’t need to take out a second loan.

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Getting started is easy! Our online application streamlines the process from start to finish. Submit documents and get updates on the status of your loan, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Prefer to apply over the phone? Give us a call at 800-353-4449.


What Is a Home Renovation Refinance?

If you want to upgrade or refresh your home, you can turn your existing loan into a home renovation refinance with Mortgage Center. We know that updating your home is a great way to make it your own, so we give you the option to get a renovation refinance to combine your mortgage and repair payments.


What Are the Benefits of a Home Renovation Refinance?

With a renovation refinance, you'll borrow money for home upgrades, often at a lower interest rate than you'd get elsewhere. The home renovation loan costs are then combined with your new mortgage payment so you can pay just once per month instead of taking on separate loans.

Other benefits of refinancing with a home renovation loan include:

  • Low interest rates: You can sometimes get lower interest rates by refinancing with a home renovation loan, helping you maintain a similar or smaller monthly payment. Mortgage Center offers some of the lowest fees and fair rates for home renovation loans.
  • Contractor choice: When refinancing with a home renovation loan, you get more say in your contractor thanks to our list of licensed and approved professionals.
  • Advantages of upgrades: Renovation loans allow you to fix up the home you already own to your liking instead of selling it and trying to buy a new one.
  • Additional value: Renovations can increase your property's value, giving you a greater return on investment if you decide to sell later.

Renovation loans offer several benefits to homeowners looking to update their houses.


Who Qualifies for a Home Renovation Refinance?

Qualifying for a renovation refinance is similar to a standard mortgage or renovation loan. Home renovation refinance requirements include:

  • Credit score: You must have a moderate to good credit score to qualify.
  • Home equity: You need to have the right amount of equity in your home to get approved for a renovation refinance loan.
  • Debt-to-income (DTI) ratio: You'll also need an adequate DTI ratio to qualify for a refinance loan.

If you meet these requirements, you may be eligible for a home renovation refinance loan to help improve your property.


Why Choose Mortgage Center?

If you're looking into getting a renovation refinance loan, Mortgage Center is here to help. We offer exclusive loan products and services at some of the market's best rates.

Other advantages of refinancing with Mortgage Center include:

  • Community service: Mortgage Center takes pride in improving our community through our loan services and volunteer work.
  • High-quality customer care: Our team is dedicated to providing exemplary service and ensuring every borrower has a positive experience.
  • Honest communication: We speak to you directly and kindly, putting these values at the core of everything we do.

Trust our team to help you explore home renovation refinance rates and choose the best option for upgrading your home.


Apply for a Home Renovation Refinance Today

The team at Mortgage Center is ready to help you lower your payments and make your house better than ever. Feel free to contact us with any questions or apply for a loan now so we can determine your eligibility and start the application process.

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