Rate Assumptions

The information provided assumes the purpose of the loan is to purchase an existing single-family detached home and will be used as a primary residence. The loan amount is $150,000 and the purchase price is $200,000. The property is located in Oakland County, Michigan. There is an escrow account for property taxes and homeowners insurance. The rate lock period is 45 days and the assumed credit score is 740 or higher.

The monthly payment amount shown includes only principal and interest. The escrow for property taxes, homeowners insurance, flood and/or mortgage insurance if applicable are not included in the monthly payment amount. Your actual monthly payment will be higher with escrow account included.

The interest rates, APRs and points shown may change throughout the day due to varying market conditions. Rates effective as of July 12,2024. Rates are subject to change. To get more accurate and personalized results, please call 800-353-4449 to talk with a loan expert.

*Adjustable Rate Mortgages are variable, and your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) may increase after the original fixed-rate period. The First Adjusted Payments displayed are based on the current Constant Maturity Treasury (CMT) index, plus the margin (fully indexed rate) as the stated effective date rounded to the nearest 1/8th of one percent.

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